About Us

Established in 1997 with principal offices in Kuwait and since 2008 in Qatar, Bnaider United Group provides superior design, consulting and contracting services in the banking sector as well as the commercial, recreational, educational and medical fields within the Gulf region. Bnaider United Group brings a fresh and innovative approach to such design, consulting and contracting services, acting as the liaison between the client, the consultant and the end user. At Bnaider United Group fully dedicated and committed to our client and projects, we possess the design and build know-how.

Experts in the construction industry, Bnaider United Group are involved in each and every stage throughout design phase, technical documentation, procurement, construction, complete interior finishing, commissioning and implementation. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of management and operation, including but not limited to, business requirements definition, development of functional specifications to client’s approval, implementation and completion by customizing our own techniques to fit specific client’s needs. Our people with their technical expertise and hands-on experience are well versed in all aspects of multiple construction management, from design and budgeting to construction and completion. Our functional resources and technical experience enhance interaction with third- party conveys and various clients’ representatives.

We take pride based on our proven track and distinguished projects in the Gulf region; from Kuwait and Qatar to Dubai and Bahrain. We have effectively directed our strategy to respond to the increasing market demand on quality services and high standards. Within this context, Bnaider United Group have invested in expanding their own resources and have established offices and large scale steel workshops and fully equipped state of the art carpentry workshops for all their woodwork, in both Kuwait and Qatar. At Bnaider United Group we are continually expanding our services based upon our knowledge, know-how and experience with a view to provide client with successfully implemented projects in any location.

Our goal is to excel in client’s satisfaction. Outstanding functional and technical expertise together with industry knowledge make Bnaider United Group your choice of the design, consulting and contracting firm to implement your projects.




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